Feature: The Anatomy of 'One More July' with prettything

Monday, March 16, 2020
Photo by Tom Lewis

Melbourne-based artist, Bella Venutti, who you might be familiar with from IV League, has shared her second single under her solo moniker prettything. 'One More July', her newest offering, is a reflective track about how certain times of the year can impact emotions. To celebrate the single's release, she explores it more in detail below.

I wrote 'One More July'… After participating in an event held in Northcote at Open Studio called ‘Heavy Sleeves’ in which a musician and a writer respond to each other’s work and perform the pieces. I was assigned a poem by my close friend and frequent collaborator Meg Duncan entitled ‘All of My Julys’ and the song as it is today is a direct response to it.

The story behind 'One More July' is… The song is about how certain times of the year can drum up big feelings and memories of events and relationships that occurred at that time in years before. July, being in the thick of our Melbourne winter is a time when I feel especially introspective and am drawn to recall the past versions of myself who have made me who I am today.

My favourite lyric is…  “This city drags me around by my ear like an attention seeking child”

I love the visual of this lyric, it perfectly sums up the way that I was so quickly drawn to anything and anyone that made me feel important and seen when I was younger out of aimlessness/self-consciousness.

It was made… With my good friend Edvard Hakansson at his studio in South Yarra over a few days. The process was extremely collaborative and I feel like we struck the perfect balance of executing my initial vision and improving and building on ideas when needed.

My main inspiration was… Having quite a retro-futuristic feel, I drew inspiration from both old and new for this track. I love artists like Ariel Pink’s use of gated reverb on drum machines, whispery double-tracked vocals from artists like Clairo and Jay Som and also had 80s power ballads like Vienna by Ultravox and the dream-pop soundscapes of bands like Cocteau Twins on the brain.

It sounds best when... I feel like this song’s final form will be getting played at an extremely daggy formal or prom. I can fully see Molly Ringwald busting a few moves out to this song at the big conclusion of a John Waters movie!

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