Feature: The Anatomy of 'Twilight Of The Idiots' with The Holy

Friday, March 27, 2020

At the beginning of March, Finnish band The Holy revealed two new tracks with 'Twilight Of The Idiots' and 'No Trial In The Dark'. Both singles are the band's first taste of brand new music since releasing their debut album Daughter in 2018.  Both singles are set to appear on the their sophomore LP Mono Freedom, due for release on Septmeber 18th via Playground Music. Eetu from The Holy explores 'Twilight Of The Idiots' for us below. 

We wrote ‘Twilight Of The Idiots'... as the first song during the first sessions we had after our previous album tour. I had the piano melody in my head and the main idea of what the song would be about. We came up with the arrangement really fast and we didn’t change it during the process. It was one of those songs that felt right from the beginning. This song also sets the tone for the whole album; it’s more bright and light-hearted.

The story behind 'Twilight Of The Idiots' is... I read random articles on Wikipedia almost every day and one time, I came across an article about Twilight Of The Gods, which means ‘the destruction of the gods and the world in a final conflict with the powers of evil’ and that sounded kind of like today with all these world leaders and all the right-wing movements and the rise of nationalism. It's now more like the twilight of the idiots. The song also tries to build up some revolutionary fantasies beside. 

My favourite lyric is... 

There is no kind of hatred 
That is dead in here
Don’t show any feelings or 
They'll rip you apart

For me, that is just how things are now and maybe always have been. And it is extremely sad. When something evil goes down somewhere, it rises on the other side. You might try to fight it, but the modern trolls are everywhere and so organized. They can rip your life into pieces in a second. So many just choose to be silent.

It was made... it was mostly recorded in two old Finnish schools. One in Porvoo, which has a proper studio built-in, and another one in Tyrväntö, which doesn’t have any studio equipment, we just use it more as a space for guitar recordings. It has a big concrete cellar with a really cold and long ambience. It gives the guitars a cutting reverb and edge which I personally love so much. The song needed to rip while being gentle.

Our main inspiration was... can’t say we had any one or two clear inspirations for this. I think we had an inner urge to write this kind of song after touring with the last album which sounded very different. I think bands often start to do something totally different after long periods of touring. You need to feel something new and reinvent yourself after that massive amount of self-repetition. We always try to aim for new territories when making new music. I hope it will never turn against us.

It sounds best when... listened to very loud or while played live. The song needs to move actual air while being played. It has to be a physical experience to get the most out of it. Crank the speakers up and watch out from the window. Let the tense feeling we had while making it translate. It needs a wide highway. 

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