Feature: The Ingredients of Friends! with Alien Tango

Thursday, March 19, 2020
Photo by Kirkpatrick Buffet

London-based Spanish artist Alien Tango last week unleashed his newest EP Friends!. Featuring an enthralling and colourful mix of experimental, eccentric-pop and everything in between, there's a lot to love about Alien Tango. Alberto García aka Alien Tango recently took some time out to dive into the influences behind his third EP below.

Japanese anime intros
The first song on the EP, ‘COUNT ON ME’, is a fake anime intro song. I love a lot of intros from shows like Dragon Ball, Bleach, etc. and I’ve always found it funny how they always share the same structure. I made ‘COUNT ON ME’ respecting that structure. There’s even a bit of the song where the title of the series is supposed to be. The lyrics are made-up words that sound like Japanese but actually mean nothing.

Toni’s flat
The whole EP was recorded during my second year in London, living with the band’s then bass player, Oso Peligro, who is one of my best friends. The song ‘Friends!’ is a sort of love letter to him. We spent thousands of hours either travelling back-and-forth to Spain or moving from one place in London to another, sleeping together on inflatable mattresses covered with coats. The most fun we could have was when our friend Toni would invite us to his fancy flat in Liverpool Street and have parties there. It’s all in the lyrics.

A perfume ad
The arpeggios in ‘Heavenly’ are inspired by the arpeggios in a perfume ad I saw on TV. I only caught it two or three times and never found it on the internet, but I loved how eerie they sounded.

The uni’s library
Our flat in London didn’t have heating or internet, so we spent most of the time in the uni’s library which was like heaven on earth. It smelled really good, was super clean and warm. I made some of the parts of the EP including the majority of ‘Golden Days’ in there, with my laptop keyboard and headphones, while procrastinating for uni assignments.

Wario Land 2 and 3
I caught a chest infection and spent days in bed playing Wario Land on my computer, with a Game Boy emulator. The music on it inspired 'Golden Days'. I can’t help but imagine Wario jumping around and smashing bricks every time I listen to it.

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