Feature: The Ingredients of 'Riki' with Riki

Friday, March 6, 2020
Photo by Nedda Afsari

Last month, LA-based artist Riki shared her debut self-titled album via Dais Records. Across the album's eight absorbing tracks, she explores themes such as courage, physicality, and romance. To celebrate the release of the record, she takes us through the inspiration behind it below.

As an artist and in life I relish in the night time — darkness with "neon" or stars, or total blinding sensual darkness. All hours of the day are beautiful, precious, and unique but there is something about the hours surrounding 11 PM that are just so inspired. This album is best served at night (turn it up to 11).

Hollywood, CA, USA
This is where I live and where I walk. The strip and up into the hills are both energetically, visually, and otherwise overabundant — though one is "loud" and one is "quiet". Walking is the rhythmic basis upon which I experience this dazzling place — through time. Lyrics and riffs come home with me on walks.

In collaborating with my label, Dais Records, I had the privilege to focus on songwriting, performance, and the juicy bits, all the while on a moving track throughout the stages of this album's creation. When considering what catalyzed this record, astute planning, and the healthy pressure born out of receiving support was key!

Penny Whistle
A couple of my instruments were...instrumental in writing these songs. My acoustic-electric Epiphone guitar is nicely suited for working structures and chord progressions and the Access Virus TI2 is the basis of some key sounds and rhythms. I credit the penny whistle to my favorite melodic lines and progressions on the record. It's a really simple instrument that anyone can play, it's limited in tone and scale but perhaps thanks to its limitations and the fact that you can't see anything you're doing when you play it, the notes are everything!

Listen to Riki's self-titled debut album below:

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