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Monday, March 16, 2020
Photo by Sarah Piantadosi

London-based trio Dream Wife, featuring Alice Go, Bella Podpadec and Rakel Mjöll, have returned with a brand new single, this time coming through with their full-throttle new track 'Sports!'. The single follows a busy last couple of years for the band, which has included the release of their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2018, as well as supporting tours with the likes of Garbage, Sleigh Bells and The Kills. 

Along with 'Sports!', they've also shared some exciting news that they've got a new album on the way — titled So When You Gonna…, it will be released on July 3, with Mjöll saying on the record, "It’s an invitation, a challenge, a call to action."

Speaking on their self-directed and self-produced new video, the band said, "Sports!' sits on multiple levels; of satire and celebration, of nonsense and commonsense, of the body and the mind, of IRL and digital. The video simultaneously plays with and celebrates 'sports' through multiple levels of reality and non-reality; exploring the nonsense of sports, toying with the seriousness of competition and the rigidity of rules while also asserting how important it is to be in your body, the joy of being in a team, the purpose in doing something for the sake of doing it, the endorphins and the sweat."

Watch 'Sports!' by Dream Wife below. 

Written by Kristy Smolcic 

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