EP Review: mxmtoon – dawn

Monday, April 27, 2020

In a time when introspection and overthinking is all we can do, mxmtoon’s brand new EP dawn couldn’t come at a better moment. dawn is the first of two EPs, with the second (titled dusk) set to be unveiled later in the year. mxmtoon’s release is more than a dreamy collection of songs — across each of the seven intoxicating tracks, she reflects, observes and questions her own thoughts, and though her words are personal and diary-like, they strike a chord with anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed by the ways of the world.

When talking about the EP in a statement, she notes that her goal was to create songs that could elevate the spirits of her listeners, “I want to lift people up. I still love making sad songs, but I wanted to make something that felt refreshing to me this time.”

On dawn, mxmtoon's tracks inspire listeners to be fearless, and as you listen to her encouraging words, you can’t help but feel a burning sense of motivation. Weaving in lush and whimsical sounds of nature, ‘fever dream’ is the EP’s grand opening — showcasing her growth as a songwriter, the track features the organic elements of the ‘bedroom-pop’ sound that her fans have come to love, but she’s grown and evolved. There’s ‘lessons’, which is an ode to anyone caught in endless loops of self-reflection and overthinking, reminding listeners to remain patient — her vocals remain quiet but the glowing and pulsating soundscapes in the background amplify her reflective words. ‘no faker’ is an anthem about self-acceptance, with the sounds of the ukulele adding a sense of cheerfulness to the track. dawn closes fittingly with ‘almost home’, where mxmtoon addresses the intimate thoughts that have appeared on the tracks that have come before the finale.

Along with featuring beaming words relating to self-love, dawn also sees mxmtoon reflect on love and romance. Her warm track ‘used to you’ is chiming with sweet lyrics on longing, “Sitting by the phone just waiting for your call / I used to wanna be alone / ‘Til your name was in my phone / Now I’m kinda getting used to you.” On ‘1, 2’, she sings, “You take the darkest days and fill them up with light / Turn the greys into blues.”

Her lyrics might be intimate and personal, but the experiences she reflects on are relatable to those who may feel at times bewildered by life. Bringing light to these darker moments through her music is part of mxmtoon’s addictive charm. Like she tenderly croons on ‘lessons’, “Say it if you feel it", and we're certain like she intended, dawn is the warm hug that her fans need right now.

Written by Amy Smolcic 

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