Feature: The Anatomy of 'makeup' with keaton dekker

Thursday, April 30, 2020

If you've ever wondered what would happen if you mixed Britney Spears, The Cure and a dash of some Playstation 2 nostalgia, you're in store for a treat — and if you haven't, get ready to fall in love with the sounds of keaton dekker anyway. The up-and-comer from East London recently unveiled his debut single 'makeup', and to celebrate its release, he takes us through the story behind the track below.

I wrote ‘makeup'… during a very strange period of my life which I’m thankful is over now.

The story behind ‘makeup' is… how I learnt to trust myself more, validating my feelings instead of shoving them away. I would put someone else’s idea of me over my own truth but writing the track marked a switch for me in the way I finally started to believe and listen more to myself and what I already knew.

My favourite lyric is…  “Tried it all on as our make up just to wipe it away, I don't need a blush
Just to feel the same again” — just how the play on words with “makeup” addresses the pointlessness of making up just to do it again afterwards. It also refers to how things felt fake and strange between me and this person for a while before I wrote the song — ie. wearing a fake face of “makeup”.

It was made… where I am right now, my room — but in mid-2018 haha. I remember finishing the first demo idea of it on the same day I started it.

My main inspiration was… visuals! This project was different for me since the process was based a lot more on landscapes or things I would see in my mind when producing each song. Needing these songs to take me away for the duration that they’d play really inspired me and my choices.

It sounds best when… riding a bike through a forest or somewhere kinda deserted when the sky gets darker.

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