Now Playing: Feng Suave – 'I'm Warping Here'

Friday, April 17, 2020
Photo by Max D’orsogna

Dutch psych-pop duo Feng Suave are back with something new, once again sending us into a daydream with their freshly released single 'I'm Warping Here'. The track will be making an appearance on their forthcoming EP Warping Youth, which will be released on June 26th — joining previous offerings 'Maybe Another Time' and 'Toking, Dozing'.

According to the duo, the charming track is about times of old where life was much more carefree and simple. They said on their reflective number, "This one is about growing up, a kind of coming of age story really. Missing the times when you did stupid things without thinking about it, and missing the times when those stupid things were your biggest worry in the world. Now that you’re older things become more serious and life seems more predictable while at the same time."

Sit back and give Feng Suave's new single 'I'm Warping Here' a whirl below.

Written by Amy Smolcic

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