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Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Photo by  Brooke Rutner 

Montreal band Pottery had to recently delay the release of their highly anticipated debut full-length album, but have no fear, they've kept the tunes rolling with their latest single 'Hot Like Jungle'. Pottery will now share their album Welcome to Bobby's Motel on June 26th.

'Hot Like Jungle' is a swoony love song of sorts written about Paul Jacobs and his girlfriend. The track presents a different side to the band and one that's very different from the uncontrollable frenzy that you usually feel after listening to Pottery.

They said on 'Hot Like Jungle', "This was written as a love song for Paul’s girlfriend. He had a job working construction one summer and came up with the lyrics almost as a sort of Springsteen parody, they’re very blue-collar. When Austin sings it we always picture him on a mountain shouting off into the distance with a girl out there singing back to him.

Listen to 'Hot Like Jungle' by Pottery below.

Written by Amy Smolcic

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