Now Watching: Melenas – 'No puedo pensar'

Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Photo by Dani Canto

Hailing from Pamplona, Spanish quartet Melenas are getting ready to share their new album Dias Raros, which will be out in the world on May 8th via Trouble In Mind. Appearing on the album will be their previous single ‘3 segundos’, as well as their most recent slice from the record ‘No puedo pensar’.

Sung in Spanish, the magnetic track is about being lost in your own thoughts and trying to work through all the noise happening internally. On the single, the band said, “Waking up with an idea that has been looping around your brain since you went to sleep and stays there all day long, day by day. Who hasn’t been in that situation? Well, this is what this song is about: being in a mental block, emotionally down and trying to get out of that washing machine of thoughts, even if you have to take shortcuts.”

The video, directed by Patxi Burillo and Lucía Salas, was shot on Super 8 at the Igeldo funfair in Donosti, Spain. The visuals for ‘No puedo pensar’ brings to life the nostalgic and melancholic energy of the track. For the video, they wanted to build upon what they reflect on in the lyrics, including the feeling of being stuck in a mental loop.

Check out ‘No puedo pensar’ by Melenas below.

Written by Amy Smolcic 

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