Feature: The Ingredients of Like Sand with Marie Dahlstrom

Friday, May 22, 2020

Over the course of approximately nine years, Danish and now London-based artist Marie Dahlstrom has spent time perfecting her craft and sound. Her hard work has led to the release of her exquisite debut album Like Sand (via JFH Records), which features fourteen smooth and eloquent servings of emotionally-driven jazz-tinged R&B. To celebrate the release of Like Sand, she takes us through the influences behind the record and how it came to be.

A Strong Foundation
One thing about this album that has been different to my previous projects is that I’ve been writing from a different perspective; from the outside looking in, with a calm and clear mindset, rather than from a place of needing an outlet to release ‘my’ strong emotions (like resentment or hurt). I think this has given me some clarity — and taught me a little more about writing. Sometimes I think of it as an argument: while you’re in the middle of it you tend to speak just to get your point across rather than listening — but after a little space, you are able to listen to the other person and see their point of view, without forcing your emotion down on the person. Music is an outlet for emotions, but it is about listening. I think this has made my songs less selfish and more capable of seeing the bigger picture.

Plants (Growth)
I have equipped my whole house with plants! They just bring a different mood to the home studio - and they represent growth — something I think all artists should thrive for, from project to project.

Having a community around me: people who genuinely are excited about my songs coming out, who listen to me when I’m annoyed and upset without judging and who can bring a new perspective on life and make Sunday BBQs. THE BEST! <3

I find that in life, goal setting is really important to me. It focuses me in, brings energy and purpose, and it gives me something to look forward to. I work best that way. I like to plan.

I have always loved cooking. The kitchen is the point of gathering in my family home, and in the house where I live now. On top of that, my brother is a chef, so I am picking up a couple things from him.

During the past couple of years, I’ve explored so many new things. I’ve cut out gluten and dairy, explored new grains & flours, herb & spice blends and I’ve started working on a little cookbook with my boyfriend, where we share our favourite recipes. I also feel like cooking has many similarities to music-making. Ingredients!

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