Now Playing: Lazarus Kane – 'Night Walking'

Friday, May 15, 2020
Photo by Joshua Atkins

The ever-so-enigmatic Lazarus Kane has returned with a brand new single, this time coming through with ‘Night Walking’. The new track follows in the footsteps of his electric debut single ‘Narcissus’ — one of our top tracks of 2019 — which he released via Speedy Wunderground last year.

The disco-inspired new single was designed for strutting down the street in your finest threads. We could describe the single, but it’s best told in words of Lazarus Kane himself, “‘Night Walking’ was originally written as a Bond theme for ‘Live And Let Die’ back in 1973, however it lost out to Paul McCartney and Wings, whose ingenious use of the surprise reggae section was the cherry on top for Sir Roger Moore. I think I actually wrote this for Saturday Night Fever, but I ended up sending it to the wrong studio. My bad’. Now, with the wonders of modern technology, the song has been re-recorded and updated with the latest specs. Strap in people, it’s about to get weird.”

Take a step inside Lazarus Kane's world with ‘Night Walking’ below.

Written by Kristy Smolcic 

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