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Friday, May 29, 2020
Photo by @amelia__2.0 via IG 

It’s not every day that you stumble across a debut single as impressive as Sydney-based Porcelain Boy’s first-ever single ‘dull girl’. Their thrilling debut was officially released on streaming services today after they shared a sneak preview of the single on triple j unearthed a few days ago.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt about the duo after listening to ‘dull girl’ on repeat for over an hour, it’s that genre doesn’t exist in Porcelain Boy’s world. However, if we had to sum-up ’dull girl’, we would say it’s home to sharp and luring post-punk-style vocals as well as elements of synth-pop and electronica, resulting in an intoxicating and addictive concoction.

After leaving us mesmerised with their debut offering, we look forward to hearing where they take us next time.

Step inside Porcelain Boy’s world with ’dull girl’ below.

Written by Amy Smolcic  (@amysmolcic)

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