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Thursday, May 14, 2020
Photo by Brooke Rutner 

With the release of their highly anticipated debut album Welcome To Bobby’s Motel fast approaching, Montreal band Pottery have served up another tasty preview of what they have coming up with their brand new single ‘Hot Heater’. The track is set to join previous tracks ‘Hot Like Jungle’, ‘Take Your Time’ and ‘Texas Drum Pt I’ on the album.

The intoxicating single is the band’s attempt at creating a “disco song with a robotic feeling”, and they’ve knocked it out of the park. The band said on the single, “Austin was originally really interested in heat as a musical concept/feeling — some of the early album titles we threw around were Hot Hot Hot and Sun Fever — and there are a bunch of other heat references on the album [see previous single “Hot Like Jungle”]. In the studio he’d be joking around and yelling stuff at us like “Let’s make it hot!” right before a take. A lot of that didn’t end up totally sinking in, but some did… like on this song.”

Each cut from the album has been just as impressive as the next, and ‘Hot Heater’ is yet another sign that Welcome To Bobby’s Motel is about to be one of the most talked about albums of the year.

Written by Amy Smolcic 

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