Feature: The Anatomy of 'Big Mistake' with Elizabeth Fader

Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Photo by @re._stacks

Elizabeth Fader has today followed up her mesmerising debut offering 'Encore' with yet another beautiful single, this time coming through with ‘Big Mistake’.  Her new single is an empowering anthem about taking risks and following your intuition. Along with sharing the single, she’s also unveiled the video, which was directed by Nick Mckk. To celebrate the release of her second single, Fader explores the story behind ‘Big Mistake’ for us below.

I wrote 'Big Mistake'… At Ben Edwards' studio “The Sitting Room” in Lyttelton, New Zealand. I wrote it in the studio one morning and we recorded it that night. The lyrics came to me the night before while I was taking an evening walk up The Tors mountain next to Lyttelton. It was super windy and getting dark, and I just remember feeling so free and thinking “how did I get here?”. I had been taking a lot of risks at that point in my life. Not like frivolous risks but like real deep life choices. And I just realised how at home I was in that feeling.

The story behind 'Big Mistake' is… It’s really about using the big decisions in your life as an opportunity to become the kind of person you want to be. You get to make the call about what mistakes you don’t make. What you choose not to do is a big part of who you are. Like sometimes you just have to jump in the deep end...because the mistake would be not jumping at all.

My favourite lyric is… 

I’ve been tricked, I have been loved
I’ve been the pusher and I have been shoved
Now I know it would be easier to just play it safe
Settle down with my Big Mistake

It was made… In Lyttelton, NZ with Ben and my band — Josh Spolc, Blain Cunneen and Nick Meredith. We did a lot of recording at night, I really loved recording in the dark at that point. Exploring the dark spaces in the studio physically and I suppose emotionally too. That trip made me realise how the vibe, the spirit is very integral to the recording process. You can have all the technicalities down but really, it’s the actual feeling that matters the most. Ideally, you work to get to a point where you can have it all.

My main inspiration was… I was listening to a lot of Wolf Alice, Sparklehorse, Bowie, Perfume Genius, Blake Mills. I suppose this song is a record of the heavy moment in my songwriting trajectory. Like the medieval period.

It sounds best when… Turned up loud when you’re in the mood for something rawkus and maybe need a little motivation to get something hard done.

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