Feature: The Anatomy of 'Rodney' with CMAT

Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Photo by Sarah Doyle

Irish artist CMAT late last month unleashed her second single ‘Rodney’. The catchy number is about dealing with someone who has little respect for you. Along with sharing the track, CMAT has also revealed a quirky self-made video to accompany it. She recently took some time out to walk us through how ‘Rodney’ came to life. 

The story behind 'Rodney is… I was having one of those times where the guy I was going out with hated my guts. Had no respect for me at all and I was obsessed with him. Then I was getting really into Rodney Dangerfield stand-up bits from the 70s where his catchphrase was like ‘Eyyyy I get no respect! No respect at all I tell ya!’ So I was like, same babes.

My favourite lyric is... ‘I wrote my best jokes for you / I did my best gags til my face turned blue’

I think that might be the grossest and most subtle dick-related double entendre I have ever woven into one of my songs (so far). My family listen to my music so I was like ok, I gotta be stealthy about this. Most people still haven’t picked up on it and that makes me feel very smug, to be honest. 

It was made… In Brooklyn last year with my producer Oli Deakin. The studio was in the Polish district of Brooklyn and I ate my body weight in Pierogi by the end of the session. Those things are unreal, I think about that particular deli like once a week.

My main inspiration was… I recorded the original voice note demo for this song by slamming my fist off my mam’s breakfast bar to make the beat and then just singing over it. We sampled it into the final track, you can still hear all the plates and dishes rattling in the intro! So the main inspiration was basically to try and get the whole song to sound as if it was a conversation taking place in a kitchen. The best conversations always do! 

It sounds best when… Shoving fistfuls of pierogi into your gob the morning after a pretty bad night out.

Check out 'Rodney' by CMAT below:

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