Feature: The Ingredients of Jazzapocalypse Vol.1 & 2 with Jazzboy

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Photo by Louise Desnos 

Parisian avant-pop auteur Jazzboy last month unveiled his riveting new project Jazzapocalypse Vol.1 & 2. Featuring two coinciding EPs, the project sees him reflect on human metamorphosis over the span of two acts. He said, "In the first one, characters tell their story in the form of ‘pop songs’, while in the second one, those characters have vanished and we’re left with the soundtrack to the story they’ve just told." To celebrate the release of Jazzapocalypse Vol.1 & 2, Jazzboy recently took some time to explore the places that inspired him when working on the double-EP. 

Somewhere in Ardèche, France
This is the first place I went to, to start writing and recording stuff. It was in a very remote place in the mountains, I could hear the river flowing while I was sleeping. It was in the winter and I had to walk a few hundred meters to go take a shower (located outdoors) and I used to drink water straight from the source in the river. It was an amazing set up to write new music, but also just being there alone in the wild was an amazing experience.

My studio in my room, Paris
This is the eggshell where I recorded stuff while I was in Paris. It's a messy and dusty place with odd half-broken gear and not a lot of light. And by the way, I don't drink Powerade, this was fake blood that we prepared for a gig I think.

This is the place where we shot the video for “Xmas Will Never Happen Again”. We crashed the car on the first day of scouting. 

Creuse, France
I went to this isolated little house in the centre of France to finish the double EP. I was surrounded by abandoned houses, the place felt kind of haunted but in a good way. I also spent a lot of time just wandering around with a dog that kept on coming to see me.

Corrèze, France
We went there to shoot the Visual Novel for "Jazz & Lizzie". The girl on the picture is called Lili, and the horse is Kerami. She's the most impressive girl I've ever met, she could be some kind of dystopian warrior. She took care of us while we were riding the horse, and she showed us all the animals she owned at her place. She's a hero <3

Listen to Jazzapocalypse Vol.1 & 2 below:

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