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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Singer-songwriter/producer Hunjiya and producer Justin Trout join forces with their exciting new project indigoworld — they’ve also shared their first-ever single as a duo with ‘hourglass’. 

The lush single is the first to be released from their forthcoming EP Fold and was inspired by the experiences of Hunjiya and an unhealthy relationship that she was in. In the track’s lyrics, she draws upon the depiction of an hourglass and how this can resemble a relationship where two people are seeking fulfilment with one person trying to get more time out of the hourglass. On the track, Hunjiya sings, “You’ve done this to yourself again, pouring more sand in the hourglass.”

indigoworld’s debut EP is based on the experiences that Hunjiya sings about on ‘hourglass’, with each song is set to reflect on different periods of progress through varied production. The EP is also set to be formatted chronically, with the four tracks showcasing how Hunjiya has found peace. 

Listen to 'hourglass' by indigoworld below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic

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