Now Watching: Jonathan Bree – ‘Heavenly Vision’

Monday, July 13, 2020

Photo by Adam Custins

With the release of his forthcoming full-length album finally arriving this week, Jonathan Bree has revealed his fifth single off of the record with ‘Heavenly Vision’. The new single will be joining previous offerings such as ‘Cover Your Eyes’, ‘Waiting On The Moment’, ‘Kiss My Lips’ and ‘In The Sunshine’ on After The Curtains Close.

Once again, Bree’s poetic and nostalgic words are on full display, with ‘Heavenly Vision’ home to tender words such as, “Strolling the warm and restless night / It was the summer / And you were fun, and you were mine / Midnight, on the field, at the school / Stargazing (such a heavenly vision) / Astronomy (such a heavenly vision) / On your knees (such a heavenly vision).”

Accompanying the track are lively self-directed visuals depicting Bree hanging out with his four-legged friend and walking hand-in-hand in a conservatory with his date.

Watch ‘Heavenly Vision’ by Jonathan Bree below.

Written by Kristy Smolcic

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