EP Review: Walt Disco – Young Hard and Handsome

Saturday, October 17, 2020
(Photo by Alasdair Scott)

Over the past eighteen months, Glasgow-based band Walt Disco have consistently left us in awe with their fearless and zestful take on 80s new wave. Despite facing an array of setbacks and cancellations as a result of the pandemic, Walt Disco has powered through to release their long-awaited debut EP Young Hard and Handsome (via Blood Records) — a phrase that’s become synonymous with the triumphant six-piece. 

Though Walt Disco are inspired by sounds of the past, there’s something vastly refreshing and unique about everything that they do — they’re certainly no imitation. Young Hard and Handsome encapsulates their growth, not only as musicians but as performers. Featuring four distinct and impressive tracks, the EP is a celebration of self-expression and individuality. 

The EP’s thunderous opening ‘Hey Boy (You’re One Of Us)’ is about encouraging men to embrace their feminine side. When the track was officially released a few months back, Walt Disco’s James Power said, “We wrote this song around a hypothetical situation about teaching a man to come to terms with his feminine side and that it wouldn’t devalue the parts of him that are male but would make him feel more free and help his relationships with others.” They maintain the lively energy of their opener with their anthemic track ‘Cut Your Hair’, which is an exhilarating number about nonconformity. 

The ever-so-glam ‘I’m What You Want’ is home to a pulsating bassline that’s impossible to ignore — the song is designed for strutting. 'I'm What You Want' sees the six-piece blend the theatrical element of their music with the electricity and high-voltage nature of vintage glam-rock — and all I want to do is bottle it up and consume it endlessly. Young Hard and Handsome concludes with ‘Heather’, showcasing a different side of the Glasgow-based band. Backed by a heavenly layer of smooth synths, ‘Heather’ is a tender cut that features the flamboyance that we’ve come to love about Walt Disco, but with a romantic and melancholic twist. 

Walt Disco remains undefeated with their momentous debut offering Young Hard and Handsome and if they’re not on your radar yet, it’s time to catch up. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Listen to Young Hard and Handsome below. Purchase it here.


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