Feature: The Anatomy of 'Best I Ever Had' with LAUREL

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


(Photo by Kamila K Stanley)

A lot has changed in LAUREL's life since working on her highly-acclaimed debut album Dogviolet — her perspective has shifted, she's found solace, she's madly in love and has relocated to Los Angeles. These changes in her life have led to two very special songs in 2020, including 'Scream Drive Faster' and more recently 'Best I Ever Had'. LAUREL has also joined forces with producer Chrome Sparks for 'Best I Ever Had' and her new music, which came about after a chance meeting in Brooklyn. To celebrate the release of 'Best I Ever Had', she recently took some time out to explore the dreamy single for us below.

I wrote ‘Best I Ever Had’… in London last year. At the time, it was quite a melancholic song. I then took it to New York and collaborated on it with Chrome Sparks, which transformed it into the upbeat summery song it has become.

The story behind ‘Best I Ever Had’… Falling in love during the summer in the city. Trying to cool things down and act sane so you don’t scare them off but you kinda can’t help but get in deep and fast.

My favourite lyric is… I said I’m ready for this paradise, paradise, paradise. Such hell, such paradise. 

My main inspiration was… Falling hard in love.

It sounds best when… You’re driving, preferably through a desert, roof down, nowhere to go in particular. 

Check out 'Best I Ever Had' by LAUREL below:

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