Feature: The Anatomy of 'Not Ready For Love' with Tyne-James Organ

Friday, October 30, 2020
Photo by Jack Shepperd 

This month, Tyne-James Organ returned with a brand new single, this time with his soaring new track ’Not Ready For Love’. Designed for dancing and crying simultaneously, the exquisite ‘Not Ready For Love’ sees the Melbourne-based artist wear his heart on his sleeve. To celebrate the release of the video and single, he recently took some time to explore how 'Not Ready For Love' came to be.

I wrote ‘Not Ready For Love’… in June 2019 when I was up at The Grove studios (central coast NSW) for a writing trip. This particular day I was put with Sam Phay and Jol Mulholland. I’d worked with Sam earlier that year back in Melb, but never with Jol. We jumped straight into it. Being in the main control room at The Grove and writing was a sick experience. So much historical music has been recorded in that room so to write one in there from scratch was a treat. A very special energy. Mind you the amount of beers we had helped too and when then Jameson came out I knew the song was bound to be great haha. We spent the whole day and night working through this and by 12am we were drunk skunks adding slide guitar over it with beer bottles and at one point Sam was strumming a guitar whilst I played the chords. About 6 months later I took the song to my long time friend and producer Chris Collins and we turned the demo into what you now hear. We had Andrew Banovich drum and George Georgadis master, so for me, the whole team effort in the making of NRFL was a dream for me.

The story behind ‘Not Ready For Love’… is one you’ll never know, but is another sad sop of a bop from me. However, this time I set out to explore the approach in more of a way of celebration and understanding. I find myself dancing and crying every time I listen. It’s great.

My fave lyric is… “Honey I wasn’t angry, I was grieving. Caught in a moment where all I knew was you”. I won’t elaborate as I like you to take what you will from my lyrics. But that’s my fav.

My main inspiration… was a lil pain in the top left of me chest. 

It sounds best.... when you’re dancing and crying.

Watch 'Not Ready For Love' by Tyne-James Organ below:

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