Now Watching: PREGOBLIN – ‘Snakes & Oranges’

Friday, October 30, 2020


With Halloween right around the corner, UK duo PREGOBLIN has unveiled their spooky new single ‘Snakes & Oranges’. They’ve also unleashed the accompanying music video for the single that sees them draw upon horror-inspired themes. 

The video is an expansion of the eerie and startling lyrics, which the duo notes are about violence. Directed, edited and produced by Niall Trask, the music clip also reflects on violence in its varying forms. They said, “The following video uses archetypes we share. Violence in a family home. An authoritarian police-like but infantile father. An owl-like mother is all seeing but silent — all references in the costumes.”

Also adding on the video, “Jess plays a young teen where her only respite is time with a pet and bedroom. She is scared by watching a horror movie. She hears a noise and goes to check the house stopping to pick up weapons along the way. She selects a pitchfork — the horror movie staple and a buster of feminist Simone De Beauvoir and then nunchaku. But the noise is just her parents returning home after walking their pet snakes. They are Twit-like with bad personal hygiene habits. They begin to argue. Jessica’s mum shouts: ‘Jessica you know your father has an ectoplasmic titanium skeleton.’ Something my geek mate at school claimed to have had was surgery to replace his body with a titanium skeleton.”

Check out ‘Snakes & Oranges’ by PREGOBLIN below.

Written by Kristy Smolcic