Feature: The Anatomy of 'Crybaby' with Dreamer Boy

Monday, November 9, 2020

Nashville-based rising star Dreamer Boy last month unveiled ‘Crybaby’. Written after a psychedelic experience, the lush and enchanting slice of indie-pop is a tender and reflective ode to “friendships, courage, and love.” Dreamer Boy recently took some time out to take us through ‘Crybaby’ and what makes the track so special. 

I wrote ‘Crybaby’… In order to release something that had been building up for a while. This song is freedom from the barriers we put up in front of ourselves. Hug your friend, tell someone you love them, chase your dreams. I hope that people gain that sense of freedom from this song.

The story behind ‘Crybaby’… It was a time of growing, but I had to let myself grow, I was holding on to too many things. I took some mushrooms and had a really long cry on FaceTime with a friend who I missed dearly. I felt like it was much needed. 

My favourite lyric is… “I saw violet in the sky, I see the beauty around me”

My main inspiration was… My friendships at the time, and the person I loved moving to Paris and not having the words to tell them I loved them. I felt like life was moving so fast and I couldn’t slow it down.

It sounds best when… You are driving in the car at night and the trees above you have a blue-lit background of the sky and the stars. 

Check out ‘Crybaby’ by Dreamer Boy below.

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