Feature: The Anatomy of 'habits' with bb sway

Friday, November 27, 2020

Hong Kong-born and London-based bedroom-pop artist bb sway has this week returned with a brand new single, this time with ‘habits’ (via Practice Music). 'habits' follows the release of previous singles ‘I Found Out When the Day Had Come’ and ‘Up in the Air’. The new track is a tender and heartfelt exploration of mental health and staying positive amidst life's many turns. bb sway recently took some time to dive into all things 'habits' for us below. 

I wrote ‘habits'.... when I was going through a rough time mentally in the winter... that SAD got me good....

The story behind ‘habits'.... I wanted to write something that could help me (and, potentially, other people...) remember to be pro-active and kind to myself — a catchy tune that reminds me to keep up good habits that help me stay mentally healthy.

My favourite lyric is… 'keepin' clean and keepin' tidy / cookin' up a storm in the kitchen, it's bitchin', it's bitchin'... 

My main inspiration was… The little voice inside that wants what's best for me!!

It sounds best when… you're doing something good for yourself while singing it! 

Listen to 'habits' by bb sway below.

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