Feature: The Anatomy of 'Step Inside' with Barley Passable

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Australian indie-electronica duo Barley Passable has this week unleashed a new anthem to get you dancefloor-ready with their single 'Step Inside'. The track is the first to be released from their forthcoming new EP, which you can expect to hear sometime early next year. To celebrate the release of their single, Kai Ollmann (guitars and vocals) and Davy Brown (keyboards and vocals) of Barley Passable took some time to take us through the story behind the track below. 

 We wrote ‘Step Inside’... In the cold cold winter of 2017. Cold from the wind and storms, this one was one of the first that came together on our commute to-and-from university. We still weren't as comfortable with each other as we have grown to be, but we would still write bass lines in class instead of taking notes and exchange melodies on the ferry ride home. A few days before the mastering date, we decided to strip the instrumentation back a heap and allow for each part to be heard as best as possible which was rather stressful at the time, but definitely was the best choice.

The story behind ‘Step Inside’... Is a very long hard look back at a time that helped our own development, but was really not too much fun whilst it was all going on. That's really the way it seems to go, hey.

Our favourite lyric is... 

Davy - “​Play your part and leave”

It’s short and sweet this one, but I think it holds a heap of weight and personally, it ties the whole track together. I think it’s pretty wild how people can blow into your life and then all of a sudden breeze right out again. That kinda thing stays with you for ages.

Kai - ​“Now that I’m away from here”

This line is so open —- away from what? Where are you now? What emotion is this? The line is repeated over-and-over again in the outro so I think it gives everyone time to connect to the line in their own way and answer those questions themselves.

Our main inspiration was... Whatever we were listening to at the time. Whenever we write, it's always about that, no main inspiration for individual songs. Back at the start, we were really into this track called “​Blood​” by Chicago outfit Grapetooth. Their music is like a sweaty house party and I guess in those cold months we were after a bit of that warmth. But when we stripped it all back right before the master, we were listening to lots of heavyweight producers like Mark Ronson. The way that he can direct your attention from each instrument so carefully is astonishing, especially when the arrangement is really sparse.

It sounds best when... Ever you damn well please. The two of us are all about self-indulgence and who on earth would we be to tell you how to listen. Go out, stay in. Move your body, be still. Be joyous, be alone, be miserable or be with others in a crowd . Or don’t. Just remember that it's all for you x

Listen to 'Step Inside' below:

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