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Tuesday, November 10, 2020
Photo by William Southward

Indie-pop quartet Wasuremono, led by multi-instrumentalist William Southward, have today revealed their brand new single ‘Big Big Smiles’. The track follows in the footsteps of ‘Let’s Talk’, also released this year, as well as their impressive 2019-released album Are You OK?.

The new single is a trademark Wasuremono song — the combination of Southward’s vibrant layered vocals, sharp guitars, and their handy Linn Drum Machine (which played a big part in their last album) comes together beautifully. 

‘Big Big Smiles’ reflects on hidden emotions and how we tend to mask feelings of sadness or depression. Southward said on the single, “On reflection I think this song is about depression that hides behind a smile. How people’s true feelings can be masked by a fake smile and how sometimes the saddest people, can smile the brightest. The song sounds quite disjointed and maniacal in places, which gives a sense of the true feelings forcing their way through.”

With more new music on the way very soon, we can’t wait to hear what Wasuremono has coming up next. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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