Feature: The Anatomy of 'Boy Bye' with Lauran Hibberd

Friday, December 11, 2020
Photo by Fraser Taylor

A few months ago, up-and-comer Lauran Hibberd unleashed her bold and explosive single ‘Boy Bye’. Featuring the satirical yet charming lyrics we’ve come to love from Lauran, as well as her trademark blend of slacker-pop and alt-rock, there’s a lot to love about ‘Boy Bye’. Her latest single is about co-dependency and the need we sometimes feel to do whatever it takes to keep someone around. This month, she has also unveiled a special acoustic version of the track. Lauran walks us through all things ‘Boy Bye’ below. 

I wrote ‘Boy Bye’… In the first lockdown (on the 22nd May to be precise). I was on a huge songwriting spree and had been writing a song a day for a month. My guitarist sent me the riff when I was on a walk at the time, and a thousand ideas came to me immediately. So I sprinted home whilst singing into my iPhone. It was finished that day.

The story behind ‘Boy Bye’… Is based on how I was adjusting to my new life in lockdown. I’ve always sucked at being on my own, but being forced into the situation made me realise I was actually okay. I started analysing everyone in my life and if they deserved a place there, and it hit me quite hard when a lot of the answers were no. It’s sort of a conversation I had myself, and how I got to where I am now.

My favourite lyric is… ‘Big guns, small funds, I could never win me back’. I loved this play on words instantly, the idea of having big ideas and no money to pull it off resonates with me a lot. As well as talking about myself being my own prize. It really sums up the track to me! I’m a lyric head so this was SO tough for me to choose.

My main inspiration was… Anger haha! I really wanted to put my energy into a slightly darker song, and I was feeling kind of pent up at the time so spitting this song out felt really good. I had too much time to focus on how I was feeling, which was a blessing and a curse but I managed to get some good songs out of everything feeling so enhanced in my head.

It sounds best when… It’s played live! I can’t wait to perform this one, it’s definitely my favourite in the setlist right now. It packs such a punch. As soon as we started rolling it in a rehearsal we were all so stoked on it and that feeling has never gone away.

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