Feature: Our Favourite Tracks of 2020... Part Three

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

With the new year coming to a close this week, we’re concluding our favourite tracks of 2020 series with part three of our list. Our site’s founder Kristy Smolcic dives into the final instalment of our end of year series. To check our the rest of our top picks for the year, including our best tracks, EPs and albums, click here

Willie J Healey – ‘Why You Gotta Do It’ 

Healey blends classic Americana and 70s psychedelic pop and makes it his own. If you love the song just as much as we do, be sure to check out the rest of his brilliant album, Twin Heavy

Madge – ‘Ethanol’

Madge continues to intrigue and ‘Ethanol’ was another captivating addition to the LA artist's impacting discography.


GUM – ‘Airwalkin’’ 

A musical wizard, GUM aka Jay Watson worked his magic to create a spellbinding track that transports you on a one-way ticket to his world. 

Ultraflex – ‘Full of Lust’

Dancefloors around the world were on hiatus this year but Ultraflex takes us back to better days with their sultry disco-anthem ‘Full of Lust’. 

Blanketman – ‘Beach Body’

Blanketman served up a series of exciting singles this year, but we found ourselves especially hooked to ‘Beach Body’. The energetic and high-powered tune reminds us of better days that included sweaty mosh-pits and live shows.   

Lime – ’Surf N Turf’ 

Up-and-comers Lime kicked things off in a huge way with their debut track 'Surf N Turf'. We can’t wait to hear what they have packed away ready to unleash in 2021. 

Thundercat – ‘Dragonball Durag’

Thundercat returned with another winner, once again proving why he’s so influential.


Lively, energetic and nostalgic, we just can’t get enough of Yaeji’s catchy track ‘WAKING UP DOWN’. 

Jockstrap – ‘The City’

Jockstrap left us hypnotised with their bewitching and entrancing number 'The City'. Their EP Wicked City was equally as fascinating. 

Jonathan Bree – ‘In The Sunshine’

‘In The Sunshine’ is a melancholic masterpiece that showcases Bree’s ability to take emotions so stirring and turn them into something truly beautiful. 

Halloweens – ‘My Baby Looks Good With Another’

The soundtrack to our daydreams this year, and probably yours now. You’re welcome. 

Pottery – ’Texas Drums Pt I + II’

It’s the song that keeps on giving and never gets old — an A+ track by Montreal’s finest. 

Egyptian Blue – ‘Four Is The Last Four’

Egyptian Blue served up a tune that’s moving, thought-provoking and thrilling. 

Crack Cloud – ‘Ouster Stew’

With an album as impressive as Pain Olympics, it was difficult choosing one song from the album to feature on our list. Crack Cloud are on another level. 

Gustaf – ‘Mine’

Brooklyn’s Gustaf tackle entitlement with their fierce and energetic single 'Mine'. Bring on more music by them next year! 

Listen to our best tracks of 2020 playlist below: