Now Playing: Brodka & Scottibrains – ‘Wrong Party’

Thursday, January 28, 2021
Photo by Przemek Dzienis

Speedy Wunderground has unleashed their first single of the year, this time teaming up with Polish superstar Brodka. The intoxicating track, which is the iconic label’s 35th single release, also features their in-house band Scottibrains (including Dan Carey, Oli Bayston and Liam Hutton).

According to Brodka, ‘Wrong Party’ is inspired by something or someone who is bad for you but the temptation is undeniable. Brodka said, “Sometimes we are all drawn to a person or situation that is bad for us, so bad you want to set it on fire, but the desire is so strong, we can’t resist it. That’s what ‘Wrong Party’ is about.”

A physical copy of the single will be available from February 26th and is limited to 500 copies. 

Listen to ‘Wrong Party’ by Brodka & Scottibrains below. 

Written by Kristy Smolcic