Now Playing: Do Nothing – ‘Uber Alles’

Thursday, January 28, 2021
Photo by Adrian Vitelleschi Cook

Nottingham band Do Nothing have this week revealed their new single ‘Uber Alles’, which is set to appear on their forthcoming EP Glueland. The EP will be released via their own imprint Exact Truth on March 12 and will also include their previously released title-track.

Vocalist Chris Bailey said ‘Uber Alles’ was the first track written for Glueland. “‘Uber Alles’ was the first song written for the new EP. Musically it takes a more decided, less rough around the edges approach than some of our previous material but lyrically it’s largely about being at ease with yourself, which is often tough to do.”

Just because Glueland was made during lockdown, don’t expect a cliché release about being stuck in lockdown. Bailey adds on the EP:

Glueland is about the inevitable feeling of being thrown onto a big pile of your own rubbish and paddling around in it like some kind of dusty walrus. We worked to make the songs and artwork all feel like they came from the same universe. It came from recording situations that we felt very comfortable in, and the tedious absence of live shows meant that we could stagger in some new directions without having to make sure that it all worked onstage. Don’t worry, we made sure not to actually write about being in lockdown… because who wants to hear about that?”

Before it’s time to enjoy Glueland in its entirety, listen to ‘Uber Alles’ below.

Written by Amy Smolcic 

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