Now Watching: CLAMM – ‘Keystone Pols’

Friday, January 29, 2021
Photo by Oscar O'Shea 

Melbourne-based punk band CLAMM has this week shared the video for their full-throttle single ‘Keystone Pols’. The trio also recently joined forces with Meat Machine, the label behind acts such as Crack Cloud and N0v3l — the label will be releasing the band’s debut album Beseech Me outside of Australia on April 9th. 

Oscar O’Shea, who directed the video, said “The concept for this video came through an idea that was originally tried for press photos, where that band ran as I shot photos of them at a continuous rate on a low shutter. We then extended that process into 13 minutes of continuous photographs of the band walking through the city, which when sped up created the effect you can see. This was then contrasted with the other scene with the mirrors and red lighting.”

Also adding, “This was shot in the complete opposite way to the photos where everything was done at double the speed then slowed down in post, together the two styles bounce off each other well and create a nice visual aid to a great song.”

Watch the video for ‘Keystone Pols’ by CLAMM below 

Written by Kristy Smolcic