Now Watching: Noga Erez – ‘End of The Road’

Friday, January 29, 2021


Photo by Dudi Hasson

Tel-Aviv singer-songwriter and producer Noga Erez this month unveiled a sneak preview of her much-anticipated forthcoming album KIDS with her new cut ‘End of The Road’. Her upcoming album follows in the footsteps of her impressive 2017 debut LP Off The Radar. KIDS is set for release on March 26. 

Along with sharing the vibrant track, Noga Erez has also shared the single’s accompanying music video, which is her fourth collaboration with Tel Aviv-based director Indy Hait. She said, “Walking towards the unknown with a smile. That's what I wanted this video to be all about.”

Also adding, “Nothing about this life is as predicted, so why am I so afraid of it? I wanted to inspire people to take a look at the magical potential of the unknown nature of life. I believe the relationship with what's beyond our control needs to be changed. The fear of it can become anticipation. The video doesn't show an all-optimistic journey. It shows a complex one. The beauty of being completely innocent at one moment, from militant to vulnerable and then in control. That's true to the journey we all go through, and what this video represents for me.”

Watch ‘End of The Road’ by Noga Erez below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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