Now Playing: Emerson Snowe – ‘Frankenstein’

Thursday, February 18, 2021
Photo by Miriam Marlene (@miriam_marlene)

Hailing from Brisbane, Emerson Snowe recently returned with a new single, coming through with his latest ‘Frankenstein’. 

The last time he graced our ears with something new was with his heartfelt and poignant EP That’s Rock ’n’ Roll back in 2019 (via Liberation Records). Since releasing the EP, he headed off overseas, impressing audiences over in Europe and the UK.

This year, he’s set to share another release via Liberation Records. ‘Frankenstein’, he said, was the last song to be written for his upcoming collection and took around 30 minutes to write.

“I had become lost with myself and who I thought I was meant to be. Once people in your life fall away and you’re left with yourself, you can be as self-aware as you want to be - but you’re gonna realise sooner or later you have no clue who you are. I had moved from one addiction onto another. This track, although it was written very fast, holds a lot of weight into who I was at that time. A time of self-isolation, not sleeping until midday the next day, and gripping onto any ego I thought I had at all.”

We can’t wait to hear what Emerson Snowe has in-store for the rest of 2021, we’re sure whatever he has coming up is going to be special.

Written by Kristy Smolcic

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