Now Playing: John Myrtle – ‘How Can You Tell If You Love Her?’

Monday, April 12, 2021

Photo by Marie Dutton

With his debut album Myrtle Soup set to be revealed in the coming months, John Myrtle has shared a preview of what's to come with his most recent single ‘How Can You Tell If You Love Her?’. The album will be released via Sad Club Records on June 18th. 

Filled to the brim with charm, it's easy to fall in love with ‘How Can You Tell If You Love Her?'. Home to sun-filled melodies, Myrtle sings about the complicated feelings involved with infatuation and dating. 

The song came to him when he started seeing someone new after his relationship with his long term girlfriend ended — his new partner said that she only wanted to see each other casually. 

"I remember feeling like everyone I had known always seemed to doubt love in some way, and I wrote the lyrics to this song with that in mind. I was unsure of what the future held for me, and I felt like singing this song was quite cathartic, at least it screamed out that I wanted certainty in my life and answers," he said. 

Check out ‘How Can You Tell If You Love Her?’ by John Myrtle below.

Written by Amy Smolcic

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