Now Watching: Maple Glider – ‘Swimming’

Friday, April 16, 2021
Photo by Bridgette Winten

Melbourne's Maple Glider (the project of Tori Zietsch) has this week unveiled further news about her much-anticipated debut album, titled To Enjoy is the Only Thing, which will be released on June 25th. She’s also shared a beautiful new single to coincide with the exciting news. 

’Swimming’ is a touching song that reflects on the end of a relationship. She said on the track that ’Swimming’ was originally intended to be a love song when she began working on it, but by the time she had completed the song, it “premeditated a break-up.” 

She said, “I’d been experiencing some of the most beautiful places I’d ever been in, and falling out of love was very confusing. I was trying to force myself to be happy and in love, but I was far from home, and really lonely. It made sense to record the song after the break-up. I kind of felt like I was able to handle the sincerity of it then.”

The track is home to tender and poignant words such as “You pressed your hands against the darkest spaces of my skin / Tell me my body has been so beautifully lived in / I almost fell apart when you looked straight at my hеart / And said baby, swim.”

You can watch the Bridgette Winten-directed video for 'Swimming' below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic

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