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Monday, May 17, 2021


Brisbane-grown and Berlin-based artist Emerson Snowe earlier this month shared his latest single 'You're My Boy, Baby!", which follows in the footsteps of 'Frankenstein' back in February. Both tracks will be making an appearance on forthcoming EP Emerson Snowe's Splatterpunk, due to be unveiled on June 23rd. 

The track dates back to 2018 after he and his ex-partner parted ways. Despite the pain that arises when a relationship comes to an end, 'You're My Boy, Baby!' sees him wish his ex-partner well. He said on the touching number, "My ex-partner wanted to break it off, and I accepted it. I figured if that’s what they wanted, then there was no use in trying to change someone’s frame of mind when that has already made its way into it. Maybe that wasn’t the best way to go about it from my side, but mentally at that time I was already so exhausted because of other issues in my life. So the song is pretty literal, probably the most literal story there is from me at this point. The lyrics read like a private text message. Its about wanting the best for a partner, even though it didn’t work out with them, there is no doubt how significant they were in my life."

The release of the single has also been accompanied by self-directed visuals, featuring footage from a past trip to Japan back in 2019. 

Check out 'You're My Boy, Baby!' by Emerson Snowe below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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