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Friday, May 14, 2021
Photo by Alina Negoita 

Earlier this month, duo XVOTO shared a preview of their forthcoming and much-awaited debut EP with their latest single ‘Friends’. The self-titled EP is set to be released next month on June 4th via One Two Many. 

Jazz Alonso said ‘Friends’ is based on “the people who have irreversibly changed you and then having to pretend you’re unphased by them when you’re in the same room," as Alonso puts it. "Meanwhile you’re trying to work out what your new boundaries are: can you talk about the past? Can you cry together? Can you show how much pain you’re in around them? “If you fish me, I’ll play dead” means: if you make a move, I’ll pretend I’m dead inside and don’t want you back.”

Also adding on the accompanying video, "For this video I always imagined an aquarium because of the fish lyrics and because I think looking at fish in a tank is a really nice symbol of looking back at a relationship: you’ll always have your take on it and feel you have control over that narrative cause it’s a memory, but the reality is that truth is fluid and moves. You’re not looking at an image, you’re looking at something that’s alive. Then the scenes of us getting tattooed on our backs are symbols for something beautiful that scars you - you might move on from something but it’ll still inform the way you move forward. In the video there’s some cheating, some reminiscing, some beauty and some pain."

Check out ‘Friends’ by XVOTO below. 

Written by Kristy Smolcic

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