About Us

Wickedd Childd is an Australian-based music site dedicated to spreading love to local talent and international acts. Things the website covers include features, album/EP reviews, interviews, gig reviews, gig photography, artist photography, and news.

We love music, and we enjoy telling the world about it.  

Wickedd Childd is curated and run by Kristy Smolcic and Amy Smolcic.

We would like to thank the talented writers and photographers below who have contributed to our site over the past few years:

Edward Acheson, Anita Agathangelou, Otara Ath, Mitchell Bazley, Ruby Boland, D. L. Bugeja, Iryna Byelyayeva, Suzan Calimli, Kate Carnell, Megan Carter, Gabrielle Clement, David Convery, Rebecca Costanzo, Emily Daenell, Tim Doig, Aaron Garcia, M.Francis, Rohan Fleming, Jack Ford, James Frith, Sam Gillespie, Roy Gordon, Daniel Hanssen, Sally Hui, Louise Mason, Freya McGahey, Manya Mehra, Rowan Montgomery, Emily O'Brien, Abbey O'Connell, Alex Osborne, Teresa Pham, Jarred Morley, Josh Pike, Rhys Prka, Sarah Rix, Jaspar Robinson, Sallie Rodriguez, Elisa Rosenthal, Peter Rowlands, Allanah Sciberras, Amelia Stott, Dave Undy, Hannah Woodfield, Megan Venz, Jess Vaia, Michael Vo